Vonne Who?

Hi! My name is Vonne Anton.

I was born in a space-time coordinate that would mean little to you, largely because it is most accurately represented by a mere set of numbers and symbols. Rest assured, a tear glistens in my eye every time I recall fond memories of x=87d112ra@LMC*77mag/dv42, and the life I enjoyed there.

Sigh (wistfully). There is really no place like home.

You may NOT be wondering how I got hére in the first place. You are wise not to. Your mores are different in this universe, and you might find any tale involving what you call “mustard,” “scuba gear,” and lust really very sordid. So, let’s get off the subject.

Anyway, I had many childhood experiences there, much as you humans enjoy on Earth. You even keep photos of your best friends for sentimental reasons as I do! We have so much in common! Above, you can see me playing “gorsht” with one of my childhood pals. You should be able to tell which one is me quite easily: I’m the one looking embarrassed.

You can reach me at vonneanton@gmail.com, and www.facebook.com/VonneAnton, and twitter.com/vonneanton, and some people even scratch messages for me into the walls of bathroom stalls. Feel free!

Thanks for visiting!


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