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What kind of Science Fiction do you like? Some like “Hard-SF;” others think “Fantasy” is SF; then there’s something called “Science Fantasy;” “Paranormal” or “Occult;” etc.

Fantasy doesn’t do it for me. I wasn’t happy  when booksellers lumped it in with SF. So, no wizards, magic spells, or unicorns are here, unless you bring them with you.

Paranormal or Occult is often just stupid, so no vampires, werewolves, or zombies are here, and there is only one way you’ll sneak them into this Universe.

Hard-SF is cool. Often depressing due to time dilation, but can be very cool. . .and occasionally very boring. But, that’s okay if the plot and characterization is good enough.

What is Science Fantasy? It’s when there is a nod to actual science, but a willingness to blithely ignore the conventions of Hard-SF if it helps the story to be FUN! Star Trek and Star Wars are classic examples, because both employ faster-than-light travel, which everyone knows is scientifically implausible; perhaps even impossible. Or. . . is it?

Vonne Anton’s Universe is all about FUN! So, your wizards and unicorns need to be FUN; your zombies and vampires are not allowed unless they are FUN!

Grins are hoped for, chortles are pleasing, and laughs are excellent. A giggle-fest that can’t be stopped without weeping wins awards: The Golden Giggle award (nicknamed Benedict for absolutely no reason. . .or perhaps the Giggly).

Because this Universe is family friendly, please keep profanities out. All of my original works are in PDF format and will come with parental guidance awareness, and an Author’s Note to explain what in the remote recesses of insanity I was thinking at the time.

So, what do you say? Want to have some fun?