Above copyright Brian Fisher 2015. Used by permission.

All artwork copyright 2015 by Vonne Anton, artiste. All rights reserved.

Hello there. I am not Vonne Anton. Instead, I am a site administrator who got talked into putting something up here, so Vonne wouldn’t seem too patronizing.

In the past, Vonne often did cartoons of friends and co-workers. Lately, VA has been pursuing something called fine art.  Who knows what THAT will result in?!?

Often Vonne has been exhorted to set up ye olde easel in public places and make money drawing caricatures of people. VA’s response? “No! Money would take all the FUN out of it!”  Such a snob.

Toothpaste Ad

A toothpaste commercial for Commercial Art class.

A woman and her son. Not very good. Doesn’t even look like them, really.Aden and Mom



A soldier anSoldier Antt coming out of his boundary.

A member of Vonne’s family when a giblet.Karlene as child



Jumping for Xoi “Jumping for Xoi” (No, Vonne doesn’t know if Chinese pronounce Xoi like “joy.”)

From “Creation of Adam” by Michaelangelo.Creation of Adam by csa




“Nocked.” Vonne likes the bowstring up the guy’s nose.

This is a photograph! Vonne didn’t draw it, but hopes to one day.Distorted Reflections

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