Health Care for Americans

To be clear: I am a disabled person with a debilitating, possibly congenital, bone disease who is unemployable, but requires regular health care, and am enrolled in ACA.


At its inception, President Obama offered something he called the Affordable Health Care Act. It included a “public option” to get health “insurance” directly from the government. But he also wanted the Insurance Companies to underwrite the law. They wouldn’t do it as long as participants in the program had the option to not go through an Insurance Company. So, Obama scrapped the public option. This decision effectively undermined the law’s effectiveness.

In reality, the AHCA then became an “Affordable Health INSURANCE Act” though no one changed the actual name to that.

Handing things over to the Insurance Companies, within a year or two, allowed said Insurance Companies to begin raising the premiums, excluding conditions, not covering some medications, even pulling out of markets completely if enough people didn’t sign up. This actually happened here in Arizona, where exemptions from the mandate were being sought by Congressional representatives because, at one point, NO INSURANCE COMPANIES WERE OFFERING SERVICES IN PINAL COUNTY. Effectively making all of its residents lawbreakers.

At this point, it was no longer an “Affordable” anything act in some places.

Now, it’s simply called the Affordable Care Act, leaving “health” out of it completely, whether or not it is affordable or even offers care of any type.

So, now Trump’s GOP is trying to repeal it for — I don’t know, just spite and political bragging rights? — reasons, and replace it with something — “better?” — else. And to do it, they are turning back to the Insurance Companies again, the very people who broke the original law.


(Yes, I know the answer to that question: cronyism, making sure money pie is distributed to all lobbyists [no lobbying to Executive Branch for a time is fine, but the problem will only be solved when there is NO lobbying to ANY branch of the government EVER], and the Government doesn’t take on too much responsibility for the well-being of their citizens. HAH!)

Let me explain: the figures you are about to see are at least a decade old, and yet the reality is even worse now. Here goes:

Before the ACA, Americans were spending 16% of their income on health care. Meanwhile, a little drive north, Canadians with National Health Service were spending 9% of their income in the form of a tax. (Please don’t waste time telling me horror stories about NHS. They are generally happy with it, and Americans liked it enough to drive north every time they wanted a prescription refill, because it was so much cheaper. Guess what: Arizonans and others in the south make similar trips into Mexico for the same reason.)

Look at those figures again: 16% for us and no insurance mandated vs 9% tax for them and everything is covered.

Well, Canadians are pretty affable folks, and we Americans are pretty snooty folks, so lets strike a happy medium (that poor spiritist sure gets smacked around a lot, though she remains cheerful about it).

Let’s tell the Insurance Companies (insert Lobby here) to go take a flying leap. They are making plenty of money off of life, auto, renters, and homeowners insurance! They do not need our health insurance money. They can just go away.

Convert Medicare into actual Medical Care, and use their infrastructure already in place. Tax me and all my fellow citizens 12-13%. Give the entire country Medical Care. Simple!

After that, the only laws that need to be dealt with are the ones regulating who qualifies as a medical care provider and controlling what kind of profit the pharmaceuticals are allowed to make. After all, they’ll now be billing the government, and I’m sure the government won’t want to waste money, right? (Snark.)

But wait! What about the lost jobs to insurance employees? Well, I’m pretty sure the new Medical Care Department of the US Government will need experienced medical billing people, and the government always offers better benefits, and regular pay increases!

But wait! What about BIG GOVERNMENT getting BIGGER? Well, what about it? Do you not understand that government ALWAYS gets bigger? Do you not understand that the current President has no problem expanding the government to include Trump Towers and Mir-a-Lago (sic, yeah, look it up), Florida at a very hefty cost to the taxpayers? One man is exponentially draining the tax dollars all by himself at an unprecedented rate! He said he wouldn’t accept a paycheck as President, and for all I know, he’s not. But, he sure has transferred his expenses to US! No one gets to whine about big government anymore.

And no, I do not have a smartphone. Can’t afford it with all the medical bills. And buying one wouldn’t have been relevant to my health condition anyway.

So, to recap and refocus the foolish hysteria out there:

  1. Convert Medicare to Medical Care.
  2. Enroll every citizen in it.
  3. Tax us 12-13% for health care.
  4. Give us health care as agreed.
  5. Tell the Insurance Companies to take a long jump off a short pier.
  6. Regulate qualifications to be a healthcare provider and profit margins for pharmaceuticals.
  7. Done. Thank you.
  8. No, really. Thank you.
  9. Quit thinking about insurance, and start thinking about health care.
  10. We’re done here. VA 7 March 2017

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